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XXIIIth Dynasty 818 - 715
( Tanis, Hermopolis, Herakleopolis, Leonthopolis )

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Dating of this dynasty as well as the whole III Intermediate Period proposed by Prof. Kenneth Kitchen seems to be the most reliable. I present also sequence of rulers according to traditional chronology although D.A. Aston suggested very interesting hypothesis. In his opinion founder of this dynasty was Takelot II, who precedes Padibastet I, Iuput I, Osorkon III, Takelot III, Amonrud and Payeftjawembastet at the Theban throne, while Sheshonq IV is omitted in this list. Dynasty XXIII, like partly coexisting with it dynasty XXII, is not a well known part of Egyptian history. Splitting of the one central rule into few independent centers weakened the land and finally resulted in Kushite attack and increasing threat of Assirians. From Osrkon III's time the office of Divine Adoratrise of Amun becomes more and more important and royal daughters and sisters at Theban throne hold rule equally powerful as royal power.
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818 - 793
830-805/00 (von Beckerath)
830-799 (Dodson)
827/22-802/797 (Aston)
825-773 (Grimal)
818-793 (Shaw)

817-763 (Drioton)
813-773 (Redford)
      Tablica genealogiczna

Padibastet I ( Petubastis I )

  • Hr mri-ra sxai.f-m-niswt-(r)-smA-tAwi
  • xai-m-sxm ti-mi-Hr-sA-ist-r-sxtp-nTrw-m-mAat
  • sxm-pHti xwi-pDt-9 , wr-nxtw-m-tAw-nbw
  • wsr-mAat-ra (stp.n-imn)
  • pA-di-bAstt mri-imn(-ra) , (sA-Ast mri-imn) , Petubastis (Man)

 wsr-mAat-ra (stp.n-imn) Wesermaatre Setepenamun (Powerful Is The Justice Of Re ; Chosen Of Amun)

pA-di-bAstt mri-imn-ra Padibastet Meriamun  (Wise One Of Bastet ; Beloved Of Amun-Re)

 pA-di-bAstt mri-imn Padibastet Meriamun  (Wise One Of Bastet ; Beloved Of Amun)

Traditionally regarded as the founder of the dynasty although some scholars (D. Aston) place Padibastet between Takelot II and Iuput I. Possibly he was son of Takelot II and brother of Sheshonq III. Disclosed by inscription in the nilometer at Thebes and priestly annals of Karnak. In year 15 of his rule he made Iuput his co-regent. Other his sons were: Pediamon, appointed a priest at Thebes in year 7 of Padibastet rule, and Pentiefankh, appointed a vizier in year 8.


804- 803
-809 (Hornung, Krauss, Warburton)
816-800 (
von Beckerath)
815-813 (Dodson)
812/807-? (Aston)
778-770 (Goma

Iuput I

  • ... ...
  • ... ...
  • ... ...
  • mri-imn
  • ipwt (mri-imn)

 ipwt (mri-imn) Iuput Meriamun (Beloved Of Amun)

In year 15 of Padibastet I rule he was assigned by his father a co-regent. Nilometer at Karnak corroborates 2 year of his rule (co-regency). F.Gomaà and K.Kitchen believe taht under Padibastet I he was a theban ruler of minor importance.


793 - 787
805/00-790 (von Beckerath)
798-786 (Dodson)
c.780 (Shaw)
763-757 (Drioton)
    Tablica genealogiczna

Sheshonq IV

  • Hr mswti-ra
  • ... ...
  • ... ...
  • wsr-mAat-ra (mri-imn)
  • SS(nq) (mri-imn)

 wsr-mAat-ra (mri-imn) Wesermaatre Meriamun (Powerful Is The Justice Of Re ; Beloved Of Amun)

 SS(nq) (mri-imn) Sheshonq Meriamun (Beloved Of Amun)

In K.Kitchen’s opinion he was husband of Karoma III Merimut, the mother of Osorkon III whose father might have been just Sheshonq IV. This opinion is not shared by other scholar arguing that this pharaoh should not be included in royal lists. The only proof of his existence is a short note in nilometer at Karnak.


787 - 759
799-769 (Dodson)
796/791-768/763 (Aston)
790-762 (
von Beckerath)
787-759 (Grimal)
773-745 (Redford)
770-749 (Shaw)

757-748 (Drioton)
    Tablica genealogiczna

Osorkon III

  • Hr kA nxt xai-m-wAst
  • st-ib-tAwi
  • msi-nTrw
  • wsr-mAat-ra (stp.n-imn)
  • wsrkn (sA-Ast mri-imn) , (nTr-HqA-wAst) , Osorcho (Man)

 wsr-mAat-ra (stp.n-imn) Wesermaatre Setepenamun (Powerful Is The Justice Of Re ; Chosen Of Amun)

 wsrkn (sA-Ast mri-imn) Osorkon Siiset Meriamun (Son Of Isis ; Beloved Of Amun)

Son of Karoma III Merimut and unknown pharaoh. It may be possible that his father was either Sheshonq IV (K. Kitchen) or, according to D. Aston, Takelot II. Additionally D. Aston identifies king Osorkon III with high priest Osorkon, the son of Takelot II. In K. Kitchen’s opinion they both were not even brothers. Osorkon, who reigned at Leontopolis, appointed loyal people to offices of chief priest at Herakleopolis and governor of South. Also at Thebes he designated Takelot III, his son and co-regent, as high priest of Amun and daughter Shapenewpet Divine Adoratrice of Amun.


764 - 757
773/768-766/761 (Aston)
767-755 (
von Beckerath)
764-757 (Grimal)
750-720 [Amonrud] (Redford)
744-759 (Dodson)

Tablica genealogiczna

Takelot III

Hm-nTr tpi n imn-ra-nsw-nTrw Hm-nTr [tpi] n HriSif-nsw-tAwi , wr Hwt-sxm xpr(ra) sA-nsw imi-rA Sm aw Hawti tklt

  • Hr wAD-tAwi
  • wAD-tAwi
  • wAD-tAwi
  • wsr-mAat-ra (stp.n-imn)
  • tklt (sA-Ast mri-imn) , (nTr-HqA-wAst)

 wsr-mAat-ra (stp.n-imn) Wesermaatre Setepenamun (Powerful Is The Justice Of Re ; Chosen Of Amun)

 tklt (sA-Ast mri-imn) Takelot Siiset Meriamun (Son Of Isis ; Beloved Of Amun)

Son of Osorkon III by Tentsai. High priest of Amun at Thebes until ca. 775 BC, then co-regent of Osorkon III. He was also independent ruler at Leontopolis. He ordered to build temple of Osiris – Lord of Eternity at Karnak. Sons of Takelot III were high priests: Djedptahiefankh and Osorkon, his heir to the throne however was Amonrud, his younger brother.


757 - 754
?-730 (Drioton)
766/761-747/742 (Aston)
759-739 (Dodson)
757-754 (Grimal)
755-735 (
von Beckerath)
    Tablica genealogiczna

Amunrud (Rudamon)

  • Hr nb-mAat-xrw
  • Hkn-m-mAat
  • ... ...
  • wsr-mAat-ra (stp-n-imn)
  • imn-rwSw [rwD-imn] (mri-imn)

 wsr-mAat-ra Wesermaatre (Powerful Is The Justice Of Re)

rwD-imn (mri-imn) Amunrud Meriamon (Amun Is Strong ; Beloved Of Amun)


 Historians’ opinions vary widely as to length of rule of Amonrud due to interpretation of the famous graffito of Wadi Gasus which describes year 19 of his rule. One of Amonrud’s daughters, Irbastnubnefu, was married to prince Paieftchaumebast of Herakleopolis.


754 - 720
747/742-742/737 (Aston)
754-715 (Grimal)
752-718 (Goma

Iuput II

  • ... ...
  • ... ...
  • ... ...
  • wsr-mAat-ra (stp.n-imn)
  • iwpwt (mri-imn , sA-bAstt mri-imn)

 wsr-mAat-ra Wesermaatre (Powerful Is The Justice Of Re)

 iwpwt (sA-bAstt mri-imn) Iuput Sibastet Meriamun ( Son Of Bastet ; Beloved Of Amun)


Ruler of Leontopolis in the Delta. Ally of Osorkon IV and Tefnakht against Kushite Piankhi. If the controversial graffito of Wadi Gasus mentioning year 19 of rule refers to Iuput (and  not Amonrud) closer to the truth would be duration of Iuput II reign suggested by J. von Beckerath and F. Gomaà, as well as by K. Kitchen.


720 - 715

Sheshonq VI

  • ... ...
  • ... ...
  • ... ...
  • stp.n-ra (wAs-n-at-n-ra)
  • SS(n)q
 stp.n-ra (wAs-n-at-n-ra) Setepenre Wasenetenre (Chosen Of Re)

Existence of this, probably from Leontopolis, ruler is historically doubtful. The only proof is a bronze pendant with the name SS (Shesh), however it may be incorrectly inscribed name of Sheshonq III.




  • ... ...
  • ... ...
  • ... ...
  • ... ...
  • ... ...

Ruler documented several times in Thebes (including the regnal year 5) and perhaps also in Abydos. 


754 - 720
742/737-732/727 (Aston)
734-724 (Dodson)

Tablica genealogiczna


  • ... ...
  • ... ...
  • ... ...
  • nfr-kA-ra
  • pA(y).f-TAw-(m)-awi-bAstt , pA(y).f-TAw-(m)-a-bAstt

 nfr-kA-ra Neferkare (Beautiful Is The Soul [Ka] Of Re)

 pA(y).f-TAw-(m)-a-bAstt Payeftjawembastet (His Life Is In Bastet Hands)

Ruled at Herakleopolis in  opposition to other rulers of this dynasty as well as Saite dynasty XXIV. He was husband of Amonrud’s daughter, Irbastnubnefu. He protected Herakleopolis from attacks of Tefnakht of Sais but finally he accepted supremacy of the Kushite Piankhi.


754 - 725   
Tablica genealogiczna

Nimlot (4)

  • ... ...
  • ... ...
  • ... ...
  • ... ...
  • nml(i)t

 nml(i)t Nimlot

Presumably son of Osorkon III, appointed by him to the throne of Hermopolis. He was Tefnakht’s ally against Herakleopolitan principality and Kushite ruler Piankhi. After Hermopolis had been captured by Piankhi, Nimlot surrendered and became vassal of the Kushite. In the stele of Piankhi his name is inscribed with title of “king” and presented in the crown kheperesh and uraeus – insignia of royalty.




  • ... ...
  • ... ...
  • ... ...
  • nfr-xpr-ra (Hai-Ha(w))
  • DHwti-m-HAt

 nfr-xpr-ra (Hai-Ha(w)) Neferkheperre Haihaw  (Beautiful Is Manifestation Of Re)

 DHwti-m-HAt Djehutiemhat (Beloved Of Thot)

Presumably he succeeded Nemlit to the throne at Hermopolis, he was in opposition to other rulers of this dynasty and to saite dynasty XXIV.

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