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Family Trees

Tables below try to summarize most of current hypotheses presented by most reliable authorities, especially A.Dodson i D Hilton "The Complete Royal Families in Ancient Egypt", London 2004 and A.Dodson"Monarchs of the Nile", Cairo 2002.
Continuous lines in tables indicate some or very likely relations, while dashed lines - uncertain or hypothetical relations. The name of the ruler, both Egyptian and foreign, is framed. I have described the woman with the color blue and the High Priests or the Divine Adoratrice of Amon - color brown.
The New Kingdom is the period from which most mummies of royal families have survived, enabling them to make genetic tests so important for establishing correct genealogy. In DNA research carried out on several mummies in 2010, several conclusions can be drawn, confirming previous speculations. The dark secrets surrounding Tutankhamun's origins have somewhat disappeared, although there is still a lack of certainty as to who his parents were. Paradoxically, we already have their mummies confirmed by almost 100% probability. As to the names, in the case of the father, both Akhenaton and Semenkhkare aspire for this name. It is known that Tutankhamun's mother was a woman whose mummy, referred to in Egyptology as The Young Lady, was found in the tomb of KV35 in the Kins Valley. Z.Hawass announced in the media, with the proper certainty, that Tutankhamun's father was Akhenaten and his mummy was found in tomb KV55. Personally, I think that this mummy is Semenkhkare, and DNA tests confirm only two, previously known hypotheses - that Semenkhkare and Akhenaten, were the sons of Amenhotep III and queen Teje, and one of them was the father of Tutankhamun. We still do not know the name of the young king's mother, knowing only that she was the sister of Semenkhkare and Akhenaten, the daughter of Amenhotep III and Teje. However, many would point to her being the daughter of Amenhotep III and Teje - Kiya.

I Dynasty ( Narmer... Qa'a )
III-V Dynasty ( Huni... Niuserre )
V-VII Dynasty ( Djedkare Isesi... Neferkauhor )
XI Dynasty ( Mentuhotep I... Mentuhotep IV )
XII Dynasty ( Amenemhat I... Amenemhat Sonbef )
XIII-XVII Dynasty ( Amenemhat V... Sankhptah )
XV Dynasty ( Khyan... Apepi )
XVII-XVIII Dynasty ( Rahotep... Tutankhamun )
XIX Dynasty ( Ramesses I... Siptah )
XX Dynasty ( Smendes... Peftjauawybast )
XXI-XXIII Dynasty ( Setnakhte... Ramesses )
Genealogy of Pasenhor ( Sheshonq I... Pasenkor (2) )
XXIV & XXV Dynasty ( Tefnakhte... Bakenrenef ) ( Alara... Tanutamun )
XXVI Dynasty ( Nekau I... Psametik III )
Genealogy of Persian (XXVII & XXXI Dynasty ( Cambyses I... Darius III )
XXX Dynasty ( Nakhtnebef... Nakhthoteb )
Argeads ( Alexander III... Alexander IV )
Lagids ( Ptolemy I... Ptolemy XV )


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