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XXIVth Dynasty 727 - 715
( Sais )

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727 - 720
740-718 (von Beckerath)
(Hornung, Krauss, Warburton)
731-723 (Dodson)
727-716 (Grimal)
724-717 (Redford)
 Tablica genealogiczna


wr aA (n) m(SwS) xawti wr aA n lbiw tAy.f-nxtw , wr n imntt xAi-a wr n nTrt tA(y).f-nxtw

  • siA-Xt
  • siA-Xt-nbti
  • bik-nbw
  • Spss-ra
  • tA(y).f-nxtw , tAy[.f]-nxtw
 Spss-ra Shepsesre (Noble Like Re)
 tA(y).f-nxtw Tefnakht

Prince of Sais in years 740-727 BC. During a few years he succeeded to unify almost all nomes of the Delta, thus he became more powerful ruler than any o the XXII and XXIII dynasties kings. He headed the coalition of princes of Delta (Osorkon IV, Iuput II, Sheshonq V) and attacked Hermopolis remaining under Nimlot (4) rule, with whom he finally made alliance. After failed to conquer Thebaida and Herakleopolis he escaped from Piankhi and found refuge in swamps of Nile delta. He adopted royal title in 727 BC after compelling Kushites to retreat and subsequently he consolidated his rule after Piankchi’s retreat to Napata.


720 - 715
-723 (Hornung, Krauss, Warburton)
727-715 (Shaw)
723-717 (Dodson)
718-712 (von Beckerath)
717-711 (Redford)
716-715 (Grimal)
 Tablica genealogiczna   

Bakenrenef ( Bokchoris )

  • ... ...
  • ... ...
  • ... ...
  • wAH-kA-ra
  • bAk-n-rn.f , Bokchoris (Man)
 wAH-kA-ra  Wahkare (Constant Is The Soul Of Re)
 bAk-n-rn.f  Bakenrenef

Son of Tefnakht. Greeks (Diodorus) named him as a gifted lawgiver, although not much is known concerning his economic and administrative activity. He negotiated with Assirians against Kushites. In Manetho’s opinion he was taken captive by Shabaka and burnt at the stake.




  • ... ...
  • ... ...
  • ... ...
  • ... ...
  • pA-di-anti , pA-dinmti (?)
 pA-di-anti Padinemti

Reigned at Asyut in opposition to other rulers of this dynasty. The king is disclosed by inscription in mortuary papyrus of dynasty XXV.

to XXIII dynasty

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