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Cache DB320 at Deir el-Bahari ( Western Thebes )

The credit for sensational discovery of the tomb before 1881 goes to an Arabian family Abd el-Rassul. That the Royal Cache was empted by Emile Brugsch and Gaston Maspero in only two days, without any archeological documentation. Later publications: G.Maspero "Les Momies royales de Deir el-Bahari", Paris 1889 and G.E.Smith "Catalogue General des Antiquites Egyptiennes du Musee du Caire. The Royal Mummies", Caire 1912.

  depth of shaft (A):   l=13 m
corridor (B):   l=7.40 m ; w=1.68 m ; h=max 3.92 m
corridor (C):   l=23.80 m ; w= 1.40 m (originally ) ; h=1.80 (without filling)
staircase:   l=7.20 (horizontally) ; h=6.40 (at its end)
niche (D):   l=3.00 m (under ceiling) ; w=1.80 (and less) ; h=0.70 m (third step)
corridor (E):   l=30.6 m ;  w=1.40
chamber (F):   h=1.72 m ; inner surface=c.6.80x4.40 m (very irregular with banks on three sides) ; outer surface=8.40 x 5.20 m

entrance to the tomb Ahmed Abd wl-Rassul, photography from 1902

Circumstances thereof are well known and described in detail in many publications. Therefore I presented only a short register of mummies found there:

A(1) - 61067 - mummy of unknown man C (Nebseni ?) discovered in a sarcophagus of a scribe and priest Nebseni (XX-XXI Dynasty). G.E.Smith states the man was an eunuch as the absence of genitals would indicate. l=174 cm.


B(2) - 61053 - mummy of Ahmes-Inhapi - daughter of Snakhtenre Tao I, wife of Sekenenre Tao II (XVII Dynasty). Mummy found in sarcophagus of lady Rai. Lenght of mummy - 169 cm. She is described as a stout youngish woman.


B(3) - 61090 - mummy of Duathathor-Henuttawi, wife of Pinudjem I, daughter of Ramesses XI (XX Dynasty), in her nested inner and outer coffins.

B(4) - 61077 - mummy of Seti I (XIX Dynasty) in his coffin. He died in his 60s.


B(5) - Shabti boxes, canopic jars and bronze libation vessels, in part belonging to Duathathor-Henuettawi.

B(6) - Leather canopy of Isetemkhebet, daughter of the HighPriest Menkheperre.

C(7) - ranged down the corridor:

  • 61076 - mummy of unknown woman in Bakt's coffin. Young woman of about 21 years. Dated to the XVIII Dynasty.

  • coffin fragments of Ramesses I (XIX Dynasty)

  • 61056 - mummy of unknown woman B. Possibly queen Tetisheri, wife of Sanakhtenre Tao I, mother of Seqenenre Tao II (Dynasty XVII). This mummy was incorrectly identified by G. Maspero to be that of  Ramesses I. She was a white haired, partially bald petite lady. Lenght - 157 cm.


  • 61065 - mummyof Tuthmosis I or Ahmose-Sipair, his father. (XVIII Dynasty) in coffin of Pinedjem I . G.Maspero thought he was over 50 at time of death, but recently examinations have shown he was only approximately 20 years old. One recent theory, as noted by S.Ikram and A.Dodson,  proposes that this mummy is actually that of Ahmose-Sipair, the father of Tuthmosis I. Length - 155 cm.


  • 61058 - coffined mummy of Amenhotep I (XVIII Dynasty) died in 40s.

  • 61066 - coffined mummy of Tuthmosis II (XVIII Dynasty). Smith noted that Tuthmosis II was practically bald and that the skin of his face was wrinkled, facts which made him conclude that the king was older than 30 when he died. No obvious cause of death was found during the examination of the mummy, but all report that the ruler's skin is covered with scab-like patches that may be symptomatic of some as-yet unknown disease which may have claimed his life. Smith, however, thought that the skin eruptions could have been caused post mortem by reactions of the tissues with the embalming materials. Lenght - 168 cm.


D(8) - niche:

  • 61057 - coffined   mummy of Ahmose (XVIII Dynasty). Length of mummy - 163,5 cm.


  • 61059 - coffined mummy of Siamon, Ahmose I's second son, who died as a young child. Length of mummy - 90,0 cm (XVIII Dynasty).

  • 61060 - mummy of Sitamun, daughter of Ahmose. This mummy consists of a bundle of reeds surmounted by a skull Length of mummy - 120,0 cm. We can only guess at the reasons for the manufacture of this curious artificial corpse. Perhaps Sitamun, who was a small child at the time of her demise,  had died in such a way that little was left of her body. She may have been devoured by wild animals or crocodiles.

  • 61051 - coffined mummyof Seqenenre Tao II. Lenght of mummy - 170,0 cm (XVII Dynasty).


  • mummy of Pinedjem I  found in a huge, over 3 m in length, sarcophagus of queen Ahhotep.

  • 61055 - mummy of Ahmes-Nefertari, mother of Amenhotep I in her coffin. She died aged 70. Lenght of mummy - 161 cm.

  • 61083 - cartonnaged mummy of Ramesses III (XX Dynasty) - length of mummy - 168,3 cm. Age of died - 65 years.


  • 61068 - coffined mummy of Tuthmosis III  (XVIII Dynasty). He died iat ca 65 years of age. The mummy was damaged by grave-plunderers. Broken into a few pieces it was protected from complete  destruction by priest using wooden bands. Length of mummy  - 161,5 cm.

  • 61078 - coffined  mummyof Ramesses II - most often examined Egyptian mummy of 90-years old man. Length of mummy - 173,3 cm (XIX Dynasty).



F(9) - chamber:

  • 61067 - mummy of Djedptahiufankh - son of Ramesses, priest of Amun. Names and titles on coffins, and texts of mummy cloths give the dates of Years 10 and 11 of Shoshenq I, and of his son Iuput.


  • 61093 - mummy of  Isetemkhebet - daughter of Menkheperre, wife of Pinedjem II. Her coffins, canopics and other funerary equipment were buried with her. A much earlier set of her coffins were reused for the burial of Neskhonsu. DB320 may be her original place of burial.

  • 61088 - mummy of Maatkare, daughter of Pinedjem I and queen Duathathor-Henuttawi. Her coffins, a papyrus, and shabtis were found with her. Her body was accompanied by the mummy of her pet-baboon (which at some point was erroneously thought to be the body of an infant). Length of mummy  - 152,2 cm.


  • 61089 - mummy for years considered as baby-daughter of queen Maatkare, Mutemhet, in fact mummy  of baboon.


  • 61092 - mummy of Masuharte - general and high priest of Amun. His mummy is now in the Museum of Mummification at Luxor. Length of mummy - 169,6 cm.

  • 61095 - mummy of Neskhons - wife of Pinedjema II. Buried in DB320 in year 5 of Siamun.


  • 61096 - mummy of Nestanebtisheri - priestess of Amun, daughter of Pinedjem II. Mummy found with coffins and shabtis. There was also a linen docket written in hieratic on her shroud, which indicated that it had been woven for her by her alleged step mother Istemkheb. Length of mummy - 162,0 cm.


  • 61087 - mummy of Nedjemet - wife of Herhor (and Piankh). Her coffins, canopic chests and two Books of the Dead were found with her. The age of Nodjmet at death is thought to have been between 30 and 35. Length of mummy - 154,8 cm.


  • 61094 - mummy of Pinedjem II - high priest of Amun, son of Menkheperre. Pinudjem II was buried with his coffins, a shabti box, an Osiris figure, a papyrus, and canopic jars. Length of mummy - 170,6 cm.

  • mummy  of Ramesses I (XIX Dynasty), who died between 35 and 45 years of age. The body had been very well preserved using embalming techniques typical of the late 18'th-early 19'th Dynasties. The man may have died from complications resulting from a severe ear infection. Lenght - 160 cm. More ->>


  • 61091 - mummy of Taiuheret, probably wife of high priest-general Masuharte. She had white hair, which indicates she died an elderly woman. Her canopic jars were also found in the tomb. Length of mummy - 160,6 cm.


  • 61061 - mummy of Ahmes-Henttimehu (XVII Dynasty), probably daughter of Seqenenre Tao II and Ahmes-Inhapy. She was an old woman at the time of her death and must have lived into the reign of Ahmose. Lenhgt - 152 cm.

  • 61062 - mummy of Ahmes-Hentempet (XVII Dynasty), daughter of Seqenenre Tao II and Ahhotep. She reached an advanced age. Lenght - 161 cm.


  • 61063 - mummy of Ahmes-Sitkamose, perhaps a daughter of Kamose (XVII Dynasty). Lenght - 162 cm.

  • 61054 - mummy of lady Rai, wet-nurse of Ahmes-Nefertari (XVIII Dynasty). She was a youngish woman. Mummy is in very good shape. Lenght - 151 cm.


  • 61064 - mummy of Prince Ahmose-Sipair, son of Ahmose and Ahmes-Nefertari.  (XVIII Dynasty. This peculiar mummy looks very distorted. The skin and only some of the bones remain. Length of mummy in bandages - 93 cm.

  • 61052 - mummy of Ahmes-Merytamun, probably daughter of Seqenenre Tao II (XVIII Dynasty), describes as a small old woman. Mummy is badly damaged and is missing its arms, both of had been pierced and remarked on the poor state of her dentition. She was elderly at the time of her death.

  • mummy of Ramesses IX (XX Dynasty).

  • 61098 - mummy of unknown man E (probably XVIII Dynasty). The man was not embalmed and sown into a sheepskin. He must have been a youngish man as his teeth were only slightly worn. Lenght - 171 cm.


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