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Alexander The Great & Macedonian Kings
332 - 310

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 The name Macedonian is sometimes applied to the Argead dynasty, which must be distinguished from that of the Ptolemies, though both were of Macedonian origin. This 31 (32) Dynasty of Egypt consisted of three kings. The first was Alexander III of Macedonia (Alexander the Great), whom the Egyptians recognized as a legitimate universal lord, child of the creator god, a sovereign destined by the latter to rule the world, as was every pharaoh. This divine quality was automatically transmitted to his successors, his half brother, Philip Arrhidaeus, and his posthumous son, Alexander Aegos, who were called on to rule, if only nominally, Macedonia and the empire built by Alexander. Pharaoh Alexander the Great spent less than six months in Egypt. Pharaoh Philip Arrhidaeus and the Pharaoh Alexander Aegos never visited the land; they were mere puppets dangling between Asia and Europe, hostages in the hands of the diadochi (successors), and were quickly eliminated. Philip, a mentally disabled youth, and Alexander Aegos, a little boy, were depicted on the walls of Egyptian temples as adult, virile pharaohs making offerings to the gods.
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332 - 323
Tablica genealogiczna

Alexander I (III) ( The Great )

  • Hr mk-kmt , HqA-qni tkn-xAswt
  • ... ...
  • ... ...
  • stp.n-ra mri-imn
  • alksndrs
 Hr mk-kmt
 stp.n-ra Setepenre (Chosen Of Re)
mri-imn  Meriamon  (Beloved Of Amun)
 alksndrs  Alexandros

Born In 356 BC, son of Phillip I Macedonia and Olymipias, daughter of a ruler of Molossos.  He conquered the entire eastern world from southern Italia to India. After sudden death of Phillip in 336 BC he ascended the Macedonian throne. Gained fullness of the rule tank to all Greek polis, suppressed revolt of Beotian Thebes and headed the Koryntian Community. He started campaign against Persia winning a battle at Granicos (Asia Minor) in 334 BC. 333 BC he defeated Darius III at the battle of Issos in Siria. Subsequently he conquered Phoenicia, Tyr and Gaza. 332 BC he entered Egypt and took it into possession without any fight as she was surrendered to him by satrap Mazaces. After making offerings and  Olympic games at Memphis he was crowned a king of Egypt. Next, he founded Alexandria and visited the oracle of Libyan god Amun in the Siwa Oasis where he was hailed son of Amon and Pharaoh of Egypt. He assumed full Egyptian titulary. In 331 BC at Gaugamela he finally defeated Darius III and subsequently entered Babilon, Suza, Persepolis, Ecbatana. In 329 conquered Bactria and Sogdiana (Usbekistan). In 327 married Roxana, daughter of Persian prince. He crossed Indus and at Hydaspes overcame Indian king Poros. His army, separated into two parts, returned to Persia in 326 BC. Alexander died June 13, 323 BC in Babylon at age of 33 years. His corpse, transported originally to Macedonia, was intercepted by Ptolemy and moved to Alexandria. Probably there is his burial place. However so far no traces of Alexander’s grave has been found.


323 - 317
Tablica genealogiczna

Philip (III) Arrhidaeus

  • Hr xwi-tAwi , kA nxt mri-mAat
  • HqA-xAswt
  • mriw (?)
  • stp.n-ra mri-imn , stp-kA-n-ra mri-imn
  • p(h)l(i)pws
 Hr kA nxt mri-mAat
 stp-kA-n-ra  Setepenkaenre (Chosen Of Ka Re)
mri-imn  Meriamon (Beloved Of Amun)
 p(h)l(i)pws  Philipus

 Unlawful, half-witted son of Philip II Macedonia, half-brother of Alexander the Great, husband of Eurydyce. The rule was held in his behalf by Antypater, Perdyccas and Krateros. In autumn 317 BC murdered on his grandmother, queen Olimpias, command. At his time was built a barque sanctuary in Temple of Amun at Karnak, as well as hypostyle in the Thot temple at Hermopolis.


317 - 310
Tablica genealogiczna

Alexander II (IV) Aegos

  • Hr Hwnw , Hwnw wsr-pHti
  • mri-nTrw rdi-n.f-iAwt-n-it.f
  • HqA-(nxt?)-m-tA-(r)-Dr.f
  • Haa-ib-ra stp.n-imn
  • alksndrs
 Haa-ib-ra  Haaibre (Heart Of Amun Is Happy)
stp.n-imn  Setepenamon  (Chosen Of Amun)
 alksndrs  Alexandros

Son of Alexander the Great by Roxana. It is accepted to sign final date of the nominal rule of Alexander Aegos as the year when Ptolemy’s I rule started, however he was imprisoned together with his wife in 316 BC by Cassandros and subsequently murdered in 310 BC.

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