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Pyramid of Weserkaf in Saqqara

wab-swt-wsr-kA.f (Pure are the [cult] Places of Weserkaf)


A - descending passage
B - portcullis
C - burial chamber
D - antechamber
E - magazine
F - offering chapel

base length:   73.3 m
slope:   53o 7' 48"
height:   49 m
descending passage:   18.5 m
antechamber measurements:   4.14 x 3.12 m
burial chamber measurements:   7.87 x 3.13 m

Pyramid complex of Weserkaf Pure are the [cult] places of Weserkaf is located in northern Saqqara, east-north of Djoser’s complex and is modeled on buildings of dynasty III in terms of its location along north-south axe. Length of pyramid’s side 72.3m, angle of slope 53° and primary height 49m, cased with limestone of Tura had been renovated by Khaemwese in times of Ramesses II; recently it is relatively damaged due to careless performance of its core and robbery of stones. From entrance in northern wall descends a corridor 18,5m long and enters straightway an antechamber and funerary chamber. The funerary chamber of dimensions 7.87 x 3.13 m , covered with limestone of Tura includes basalt sarcophagus.
On eastern side of the pyramid is located temple of funerary offerings, composed of three chambers with false door. Pyramid of first wife of the king is located south of this complex. Its primary height was ca. 17 m. Solar temple consisted of courtyard with offering altar and chapels in north and south (Schneider)



A - cult pyramid
B - open court
C - five statue niches
D - pyramid of queen
E - magazines
F - causeway
G - vestibule
H - offering chapel

  fragment of a relief representing Weserkaf from his funerary temple

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