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Valley of the Queens ( Western Thebes )

Arabic names: Biban el-Harim or Biban el-Sultanat. Cementery of the royal wives and sons of some the New Kingdom pharaohs, located on the west part of Thebes, about kilometre to the northwest of Medinet Habu. The site includes the tombs of some members of the late XVIIth and early XVIIIth Dynasty royal family. The most of tombs were virtually excavated by Ernesto Schaparelli in 1903-05. The earliest inscribed tomb is QV38, belonging to Sitre, the wife of Ramesses I, but the best known and undoubtedly the finest is QV66, the tomb of Nefertari, Some of tombs of the princes include beautifully preserved painted decoration, as in the case of QV55 and QV44 belonging to Amonherkhopshef and Khaemwaset, two sons of Ramesses III. Below the full list of tombs in Valley.    

QV1..QV7 - anonymous tombs (XVIII Dynasty)
QV8 - prince Hori and anonymous princess (XVIII Dynasty)
QV9..QV16 - anonymous tombs (XVIII Dynasty)
QV17 - princesses Merytre and Urmerutes (XVIII Dynasty)
QV18..QV23 - anonymous tombs (XVIII Dynasty)
QV24 - anonymous tombs (XX Dynasty)
QV25..QV29 - anonymous tombs (XVIII dynasty)
QV30 - Nebiri (XVIII Dynasty)

          mumified head of Nebiri   canopic jar from tomb, Turin  Museum

QV31 - anonymous princess-queen (XIX Dynasty)
QV32 - anonymous tomb (XVIII Dynasty)
QV33 - princess-queen Tenedjemet (XIX Dynasty)

          portrait of Tenedjemet

QV34 - anonymous princess-queen (XIX Dynasty)
QV35 - anonymous tomb (XVIII Dynasty)
QV36 - anonymous princess-queen (XIX Dynasty)
QV37 - anonymous tomb (XVIII Dynasty)
QV38 - queen Sitre, wife of Ramesses I (XIX Dynasty)

          portrait of  Sitre

QV39 - anonymous tomb (XVIII Dynasty)
QV40 - anonymous princess-queen (XIX Dynasty)

          chamber C   deceased before offering table for Hathor

QV41 - unfinished tomb (XX Dynasty)
QV42 - prince Pareherwenemef, son of Ramesses III (XX Dynasty)
QV43 - prince Setherkhopshef, son of Ramesses III (XX Dynasty)
QV44 - prince Khaemwaset, son of Ramesses III, priest of Ptah (XX Dynasty)
QV45 - unfinished tomb (XX Dynasty)
QV46 - Imhotep, probably vizir of Tuthmosis I (XVIII Dynasty)

          mumified remains of Imhotep

QV47 - princess Ahmes, daughter of Sekenenre Tao and Satdjehuti, half-sister of kings Ahmose and Kamose (XVII Dynasty)
QV48 - anonymous tomb (XVIII Dynasty)
QV49 - anonymous tomb (XIX Dynasty)
QV50 - anonymous tomb (XX Dynasty)
QV51 - queen Iset ta Habasillat, royal wife of Ramesses III (XX Dynasty)
QV52 - queen Titi, wife of Ramesses III (XX Dynasty)
QV53 - prince Ramesses-Meriamon, son of Ramesses III (XX Dynasty)
QV54 - unfinished tomb (XX Dynasty)
QV55 - prince Amunherkhopshef, son of Ramesses III (XX Dynasty)
QV56 - unfinished tomb (XIX Dynasty)
QV57 - unfinished tomb (XIX Dynasty)
QV58 - anonymous tomb (XIX Dynasty)
QV59 - anonymous tomb (XVIII Dynasty)
QV60 - queen Nebettauy, daughter-wife of Ramesses II (XIX Dynasty)
QV61..QV65 anonymous tombs (XVIII Dynasty)
QV66 - queen Nefertari, great royal wife of Ramesses II, her tomb is most beautiful decoration in valley (XIX Dynasty)
QV67 - anonymous tomb (XVIII Dynasty)
QV68 - queen Meritamon, daughter-wife of Ramesses II (XIX Dynasty)
QV69 - anonymous tomb (XVIII Dynasty)
QV70 - Nehesy (XVIII Dynasty)
QV71 - queen Bint-Anath, daughter-wife of Ramesses II (XIX Dynasty)
QV72 - prince Baki and princess Hatneferet (XVIII Dynasty)
QV73 - princess Henuttawy, daughter-wife of Ramesses II (XIX Dynasty)
QV74 - queen Tentopet, wife of Ramesses IV (XX Dynasty)
QV75 - queen Henutmire, daughter-wife of Ramesses II (XIX Dynasty)
QV76 - princess Merytre (XVIII Dynasty)
QV77..QV79 - anonymous tombs (XVIII Dynasty)
QV80 - queen Tuy, great royal wife of Seti I (XIX Dynasty)
QV81 - Heka... (XVIII Dynasty)
QV82 - prince Minemhat and Amenhotep (XVIII Dynasty)
QV83 - anonymous tomb (XVIII Dynasty)
QV84..QV86 - unfinished tombs (XX Dynasty)
QV87 - anonymnous tomb (XVIII Dynasty)
QV88 - prince Ahmose (XVIII Dynasty)

          mumified fetus from tomb   x-rayed mumified fetus

QV89..QV94 - anonymous tombs (XVIII Dynasty)
QV95 - unfinished tomb (XX Dynasty)

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