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Unfinished step pyramid complex
of Sekhemkhet in Sakkara



A - gallery
B - gallery 
C - burial chamber
D - 132 magazines
E - descending passage
F - entrance

planned height of 7-step pyramid:   70 m
length of sides:   c.120 m
burial chamber: 8.9 m x 5.22 m  x 4.55 m
perimeter wall:   262 m x 185 m
after enlargement:   c.500 m x 185 m

          A - south extension
          B - north extension
          C - south tomb
          D - white wall
          E - 132 magazines

The mortuary complex might have been designed by Imhothep, the architect of Djoser. It had been left unfinished and the ruins were discovered by Zahi Goneim in 1951. Of the enclosure wall, originally of dimensions 185 x 262 m and extended later so that it achieved dimensions of the Djoser’s mortuary complex, of total seven steps planned, only the lowest one had been completed. Below the pyramid there is 80 m long corridor with 32 m deep funerary chamber at its end. At the moment of discovery sarcophagus was sealed but empty. From the corridor runs a passage to a gallery with 132 chambers. At the bottom of one of the shafts running from funerary corridor there was a foundation deposit – gold armlets and box for lip paint. Mastaba localized south of the pyramid comprises so called south tomb with a burial of child (T. Schneider).

Ivory plaque found in 1955 by Z.Goneim on the floor of the main hall of the pyramid and bearing the Nebty name Djeserty and a list of linen fabrics

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