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Pyramid of Nemtiemsaf I ( Merenre I ) in Saqqara

xai-nfr-mry.n-ra (Merenre's beauty shines)

Pyramid complex of Nemtiemsaf in Southern Saqqara, located south-west from Pepi I complex, has not been finished and it is much damaged due to stone robbery. Localization and decoration with Texts of Pyramids is patterned on pyramid of Pepi I. On the eastern side of the pyramid there is a funerary temple and on the northern – chapel. In 1880 in the burial chamber Maspero found basalt sarcophagus with mummy of young man, whose hair was combed into a side curl such as those worn by children in ancient Egypt. E.Smith, an expert on Egyptian mummies, assigned it to the XVIIIth Dynasty. Later on, a few Egyptologists suggested that it was Merenre's mummy after all.

base length:   78.75 m
height:   52.5 m
slope:   53o 07' 48"

burial chamber and sarcophagus

mummy founded inside sarcophagus

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