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Region of Asuan & Ist Cataract


1 - modern Asuan
2 - rock tombs at Qubbet el-Hawa
3 - rock tombs
4 - island of Elephantine
5 - temple of Satis
6 - Nilometer
7 - temple of Khnum
8 - Roman temple
9 - Ptolemaic temple
10 - unfinished obelisk
11 - northern quarries
12 - island of Sehel
13 - temple on island of Sehel
14 - "famine stele"
15 - First Aswan Dam
16 - southern quarries
17 - island of Agilkia
18 - island of Philae
19 - temple on the island of Biga (Abaton)
20 - island of el-Hesa
21 - High Dam
22 - New Kalabsha
23 - Lake Nasser


'Famine Stela' on the Island of Sehel
Famine Stela on Sehel Island

reconstructed temple of Satis on theIsland of Elephantine

reconstructed temple of Satis on the Elephantine Island 

Philae (Agilkia) Island

The temples on the island of Philae (24o01' N  32o 53' E) were removed and rebuilt on the nearby island of Agilkia to save them from the rising waters of Lake Nasser. The plan to the left reflects how the temples are in exactly the same position and orientation as on Philae. The visitor arriving at the island is welcomed by the graceful columns of Diocletian's gateway (H) and Trajan's kiosk (B), here mirrored in the glassy waters of the lake. The great entrance pylons to the temple of Philae show the figure of Ptolemy XII conquering his enemies and offerin them to Isis (E), Horus (F) and Hathor (G). The granits lions by the doorway (D) are of Byzantine date; the temple still flourished long after every other temple in Egypt ceased to function.

A - colonnade of Nectanebo
B - Trajan's Kiosk
C - mammisi (birth temple)
D - Hadrian's Gateway
E - temple of Isis
F - temple of Horus
G - temple of Hathor
H - Diocletian's Gateway

temple of Isis on the Island of Philae

reconstructed of the Trajan's Kiosk and the Diocletian's Gateway


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