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Valley of the Kings - KV2
tomb of Ramesses IV - XXth Dynasty

The tomb KV2 seems to have attracted more attention in antiquity to judge from the large numbers of graffiti. Nine foundation deposits were dug before the impressive rock-covered entrance, and this and the first corridor were both given the combined stair-and-ramp configuration found from the time of Ramesses II on. The intended design had been abbreviated, presumably owning to constraints of time. Two sketch plams of the tomb of Ramesses IV are known, the most famous and complete on a papyrus now in Turin, and a detail of the outer doorway preserved on a limestone ostracon discovered by Ayrton in the debris at the tomb entrance. The decoration of KV2 is virtually intact, and reveals the original use of several elements. The first two passages contain the Litany of Re, third - part of the Book of Caverns. The anteroom has sections of the Book of the Dead, and the Burial  chamber displays a mixture of old and new works. The walls have selections from the Amduat and Book of Gates, Books of the Heavens and decan lists. The sarcophagus was broken through at one end in antiquity and the lid displaced. The removal of the king's mummy and turned up in KV35.

A - entrance steps and ramp
B - 1st corridor (king before Re-Horakhty and scenes from the Litany of Re)
C - 2nd corridor with niches (scenes from the Litany of Re)
D - 3rd corridor with pare of side niches covering the door (scenes from the Book of Caverns)
E - corridor with descending ramp and antechamber (scenes from the Book of the Dead)
F - burial chamber with sarcophagus (scenes from the Book of the Gates and the Amduat; ceiling depicts scenes from the Books of the Heavens)
G - corridor beyond to side chambers (scenes from the Book of Caverns)
a - side chamber (images of the king and funerary objects)
b -rear chamber (images of the king and funerary objects)
c - side chamber (images of the king and funerary objects)


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